Ode is the creation of Melissa Statham a ceramicist and artist who loves the texture and softness of natural materials like cloth, leather and wood.

Her first product the artisan apron, like many of her designs, came from a need for something like it in her arts practice, or travels.

Melissa loves working with artists and artisans and has a strong philosophy about making quality things that last, and creating a sustainable living for those who still make things by hand.

What is Ode? 
Ode Is an ethical business that designs and makes beautiful functional products from cloth, leather and wood. We work with artisans to bring you wares that are handmade, environmentally friendly and help to sustain families so traditional craft and culture can continue. 

Where are Ode Products manufactured? 
Our products are skilfully and ethically produced in Australia and overseas in close collaboration with specialist local artisans. 


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