heART Work Apron                                                                           Perfect packaged gift for a closet creative  

Our Denim 14oz apron is resilient to any bout of creative frenzy and will suit those who like some heavy protection as they work.                        
Reinforced riveted double front pockets for hands and brushes, tea towels and tools, chalk and scissors.                                                
Adjustable/removable tan leather straps so this size fits all.          
Designed, hand cut & sewn to enhance the most important work of art in a home – you

Mindfully packaged in recycled paper cardboard sleeve

Dimensions: Length 90cm x Width 82cm                        
Our aprons are generous in size so extend and cover the hip area 

Straps Included: 1 neck x 2 waist straps                                                                        
Aprons can be worn 2 ways with adjustments -neck strap or cross over at back.

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